Available in: Estonia and Latvia

The BankLink service is a real-time bank transfer service that enables secure payments between you and your EuroKingClub Account.

Návod krok za krokom

You will need to have a bank account with Hansabank (Estonia), Swedbank (Estonia) and Nordea (Latvia) to use this service

  1. Select BankLink service on the EuroKingClub Deposit Page
  2. Zadajte čiastku, ktorú si želáte vložiť do Vášho EuroKingClub účtu
  3. You will be redirected to a secure payments page
  4. Log in using online bank security details
  5. Zadajte požadované údaje o platbe a potvrďte platbu
  6. Your bank authorises the payment in real-time deducting the amount directly from the your account. If there are insufficient funds available in your account, the transaction will be refused
  7. EuroKingClub prijíma v reálnom čase potvrdenia o zaplatení vašou bankou
  8. Dostanete potvrdenie z EuroKingClub že Vaša platba bola úspešná