Play in any casino game and get on the leaderboard any or every day for 14 days. First place wins 150 raffle tickets every day!

The more your name hits that leaderboard over the next 14 days, the more raffle tickets you'll get, and with them a better chance of bagging those Finland match prize tickets!

Keep your eye on the leaderboard below and make sure you get your name on it.

And check the list of raffle ticket winners to see how many you get.

There can be only one winner so get your skates on and race your way to those tickets!

The data is updated every 2 hours.

Position Username Tickets

The data is updated every 2 hours.

Terms and conditions:

  • Only players residing in Finland can take part in this competition
  • This promotion will run from 2nd April – 15th April
  • Wagering on all games count towards the leaderboard
  • The winner will receive 2 tickets to the Ice Hockey match Finland vs USA playing 13th May in Helsinki.
  • Low risk wagering simply to increase wagering is deemed unfair and players will be disqualified if such wagering patterns are spotted.
  • Raffle Tickets will be given as follows:

    1st place – 150 raffle tickets
    2nd place – 140 raffle tickets
    3rd place – 130 raffle tickets
    4th place – 120 raffle tickets
    5th place – 110 raffle tickets
    6th place – 100 raffle tickets
    7th place – 90 raffle tickets
    8th place – 80 raffle tickets
    9th place – 70 raffle tickets
    10th place – 60 raffle tickets
    11th place – 50 raffle tickets
    12th place – 40 raffle tickets
    13th place – 30 raffle tickets
    14th place – 20 raffle tickets
    15th place – 10 raffle tickets
  • All players who make their first deposit during the campaign period with bonus code MMKISAT will get 10 tickets to the lottery. MMKISAT bonus details: 100% up to 1000€ first deposit bonus. Standard Bonus Terms & Conditions apply.
  • The daily leaderboard counts wagering from 0:00 GMT to 23:59 GMT on the same day.
  • The leaderboards will be updated every 2 hours.
  • The ticket leaderboard will be updated once every 2 days.
  • The raffle will be held on the 17th April. The winner will be contacted and he/she has to notify the casino that he/she accepts the prize within 24 hours. If the winner doesn’t notify the casino another draw will be made.
  • This promotion may be cancelled at any time without specifying any reasons.