Baloto is a cash payment method offered by PagosOnline in Colombia.


Visit the PagosOnline hosted payment pages and obtain two voucher codes. One is a code for the operator of service; the other is the payment number. You can take these numbers to a local retailer using Baloto lottery terminals and pay the cash amount assigned to the payment

  • Voucher codes can be used only once.
  • Expiry time is typically 5 days.
  • This service is a next day credit service.
  • The exact amount specified by the payment code must be paid.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Select Baloto payment option on our cashier page
  2. Fill in the amount you wish to deposit
  3. On the Envoy landing page you will be presented with a summary of the transaction for your approval. Clicking to continue will redirect you to the PagosOnline Baloto landing page.
  4. You will be presented with two payment codes. You will be informed when your payment number will be enabled.
    There are 4 activation periods per day. Your deposit will not be accepted by a retailer until your payment code has been activated.
    These codes must be presented at participating Baloto payment outlets with the determined deposit amount.
  5. You can print the deposit information if desired. Click on the Finish link when done.
  6. Visit a participating Baloto outlet and make your payment using the payment codes provided.
  7. The next day confirmed payments are reported and a notification is issued to Envoy of the completed transactions. Envoy notifies us of the captured payment and deposit is credited to your account.